Can you go 50k to help raise €50k

By the end of July can you run, walk your dog, skip, step it out any way you like to be active covering 50kms distance to help raise €50k. We need €50k to keep an Irish-led cancer trial alive, or it collapses. We simply can't let this happen to our patients.

An SOS From Your Friends At OCF

We challenge you to join us, get active any way you like covering a 50kms distance to help raise €50k to keep a vital cancer research trial alive. Start our 5050OCF challenge whenever you want, however you like to keep active. You have until the last day of July to complete it.

Why 50kms? Because we need €50k for the second wave of this trial that has the potential to establish a groundbreaking international standard of patient care.  

Due to the Coronavirus, OCF public fundraising events for the summer are cancelled or postponed - our income has stopped just as the second wave of research funding is due. When you say "YES to the 5050OCF challenge" we get closer to our hefty goal. Thank You.

Funds Raised

Step 1

Design your challenge

Step 2

Sign up/login to JustGiving to create your personalised sponsorship page.

Step 3

Share your fundraising page with friends, family, Facebook acquaintances, the postman etc.

Step 4

Cover 50k in July any which way you want, and keep us posted.

Yikes! 50kms sounds like a lot!

It's an impressive distance, which we know will give you a great feeling of achievement once completed. But 50km over the 31 days of July is only 1.6km per day. That's roughly equivalent to a gentle 7-minute bike ride, a 10-12-minute jog or a 20-minute walk -- any one of which, done daily, has all sorts of health, energy and wellbeing benefits.

But you don't have to stick to just these suggestions. You can dance, skip, shimmy, shuffle or roll your 50km. And of course, you can choose to do lots of short trips or fewer, longer sessions.

Your personal sponsorship page can be fully synced with fitness trackers like Strava or Fitbit, and we're confident you'll be amazed how quickly the kilometres rack up.

What if there are restrictions on movement?

Part of the idea behind 5050OCF is to provide our community with the motivation, inspiration and mutual support to keep active and healthy even in these times of COVID-19. So don't worry that we're asking you to break the rules in any way – we've designed this event not just to be observant of social distancing recommendations, but hopefully to make those restrictions a little easier to take.

And remember! We might not be together, but you are not alone.

We want to hear from you! Please send us pictures of your progress, let us know how your 5050OCF challenge is going, or just check in whenever you need a little boost. We'll be sharing your stories on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds using the tag #5050OCF, as well as listing a running total of kms covered and money raised right here on this page.

As ever, even if we can't be physically there, we are by your side.

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